Posted by: bcconnections | August 2, 2012

The Affordable Care Act and Women

The Affordable Care Act covers 22 preventative-related health services for women with no-cost sharing. These services include screening mammograms for women over 40, BRCA genetic counseling for women at higher risk, and breast cancer chemoprevention counseling for women at higher risk. To learn more about the preventative services covered by the Affordable Care Act, and how the Affordable Care Act affects women, check out these links:

The Affordable Care Act and Women

22 Covered Preventive Services for Women, Including Pregnant Women

The Affordable Care Act and YOU

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  1. One thing I learned from speaking with the Patient Advocacy Foundation yesterday is that anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, is never again eligible for free mammograms, because these are not considered screening mammograms, but diagnostic. Similarly, if a patient had a diagnosis of osteoporosis once during treatment with Arimidex, their DexaScans can never again be considered preventive, even if they move back into the osteopenic or normal range. Again, once you have a disease or a condition, you can no longer benefit from preventive care in that area. This seems to me, very unfair and counter to the spirit of the law. The nurse and medical coder who I spoke with speculated that this would change over time, but they didn’t expect it to happen in their lifetimes. They were also concerned that this is not explained to patients anywhere, not even on

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