Posted by: bcconnections | March 8, 2013

Tips to reduce your exposure to BPA

canA report issued last month by the federal Interagency Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Coordinating Committee called for increased funding of research aimed at determining the environmental causes of breast cancer.  The report concludes that reducing exposure to environmental risk factors is key to preventing the disease.  One such environmental factor under scrutiny is Bisphenol A (BPA).
BPA is a synthetic estrogen that is used to make polycarbonate plastics and the epoxy linings of food cans.   BPA can leach out of plastics and linings, contaminating food and beverages.  There is rising concern, based on preliminary laboratory studies, that exposure to BPA might be linked to a variety of health problems including obesity, infertility, and breast cancer.  Human studies investigating the link between BPA and breast cancer are lacking.  Despite its potential health risks, the FDA still allows BPA in food cans.

For tips on how to reduce your exposure to this chemical, visit these links:



  1. Thanks for this post. Why would anyone want to take a chance and continue to eat canned foods with BPA. As we stop buying and eating the foods with BPA in the cans, manufacturers will using cans with BPA. It’s in OUR hands so please spread the word!

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