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Mad Hatter Tea Party

Marita TroboughDon’t be late for this very important date! Alice’s advice from the White Rabbit applies to those attending Breast Cancer Connections upcoming Mad Hatter Tea Party, a free event, on Sat., Aug. 24, 10 a.m. at 390 Cambridge Ave, Palo Alto. The offices of BCC are transformed into a charming tea shop with linens, treats and beautiful dishes.

This promises to be a fun, festive, informative and inspirational event. Women will come away with the feeling that “I can do this.”

When battling breast cancer, many women find themselves at a loss to recover their self-esteem, self-confidence and their sense of being part of a community.  Breast Cancer Connections offers a place where you know there are others who understand exactly how devastating it is to look in a mirror and see a stranger, who is losing her hair (among a host of other complications of seeking a “cure”) looking back at you.

The Mad Hatter Tea Party is one of the many ways Breast Cancer Connections helps women on this precarious journey to find themselves again after being diagnosed with breast cancer. In partnering with Marita Trobough, breast cancer survivor and owner of The Next Step, A Woman’s Boutique in Los Gatos. BCC delivers a very gracious learning event where participants hear a presentation and engage in hands-on demonstrations. Ladies in attendance may try on BCC’s wonderful assortment of hats, wraps, scarves and wigs that have been gently used and donated, and even go home with them.

Twenty-five years ago Trobough lost her mother to breast cancer and celebrated her 5th anniversary of thriving after breast cancer in May of 2013. Trobough founded The Next Step to accommodate the special needs of women who have experienced breast cancer and have had a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

“What I enjoy the most,” said Trobough, when asked about the BCC Mad Hatter Tea Party, “is watching the ladies interact with one another. I love it when ladies come in and are a little timid, but before long they are chatting with each other, trying on hats together…. coming together and getting support. They are able to talk to someone about what is going on that they haven’t been able to talk about. They may be afraid to tell someone that they have breast cancer. But here, BCC understands the fact that you may have night sweats. The fact that your hair was all over your pillow, or in the tub. It gives the ladies a wonderful sense of community. A wonderful sense of a new friendship. They walk out of the tea with their heads held high. Sometimes when you go through this journey it is quite lonely and when you meet up with someone who is in a similar situation … someone perhaps who is 6 months ahead of what you are going through, or 3 months behind you…a unique support system is created…it takes the edge of what they themselves are going through.  So it’s a wonderful time for ladies to get together and have a mini-support group. They learn the different ways to wear a scarf, how to wear a hat, or about the little hair pieces that help with the illusion of having more hair.”

The goal of the Mad Hatter Tea is for the women who attend to feel comfortable and confident and to go out and live their lives.

Breast Cancer Connections is a very special organization because from the minute you call or walk in the door, you are connecting with someone who has walked in your shoes. They are there to talk to you, encourage you, and support you on the journey.

To register for the Mad Hatter Tea Party, call Breast Cancer Connections at 650-326-6686.

Guest post by:  Mary E. Knippel, Author, Speaker, Mentor, and founder of The Unleashed Homemakertm. Is passionate about helping women who have been silent too long to claim their voices, speak up, be heard and go from making dinner to making a difference.

As a journal writer since the age of 11, she knows the enormous power of the written word. A two-time breast cancer survivor, Mary used writing and other creative tools in her recovery and chronicled the healing results in her upcoming book, The Secret Artist-give yourself permission to let your creativity shine.

Using writing as a key strategy to help women at those difficult times when their lives are in the midst of change, she shares what she has learned and helps her clients move from survive to thrive.

Visit her website for free tips on writing and information on classes, workshops and other events.


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